Dzidzai Chimbari  Chodos

Dzidzai Chimbari Chodos' is a servant and apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ who started preaching at the age of 4. She is a co-visionary of C.P.I ministries which is an Apostolic evangelistic ministry. Under CPI, she oversees Emerge and Ignite which is a women's global ministry headquartered in Toronto Canada. As well, she is the founder of Burden Bearers World Missions which is an extension of CPI ministries.

God has permitted her ministration to be characterized by a powerful apostolic anointing followed by signs and wonders. During her meetings, the power of God always manifests greatly and People are healed, revived and empowered. Marriages are restored and most importantly, people give their lives to the Lord. 

She was raised in a Christian home where she served in her local church performing various functions. However, her life changed dramatically when she attended a Reinhard Bonnke Conference in Toronto in April 2018 where she received a prophetic word to prepare for a new mantle and a new assignment. A few weeks later she heard directly from the Lord in a vision where God informed her that he is now sending her 'out' with his word. Following this, her husband was diagnosed with cancer and God used her to pray for him and he was miraculously healed. God brought another person who was deaf in one ear and he was healed.  Soon enough, her son suffered a severe loss of language and she prayed for him until he was fully restored and many more. It was at that point that God made his power and presence fully known to her and he commissioned her into the office of apostleship. Her assignment is to awaken the bride for the arrival of the groom, bringing the hearts of people back to Jesus. Dzidzai Chimbari Chodos is passionate to see people saved, revived and restored in every area of their life. 

When Jesus manifests, the atmosphere shifts and the environment adjusts

 Dzidzai ChimbariChodos

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