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Our volunteers are the backbone of Christ's PowerHouse International Ministries, and we need you now, more than ever. We believe that God equipped you with unique gifts, skills, and talents that you can use to edify the body of Christ. No matter what your skills are or your availability, there is a place for you to serve God and be a blessing to many people in your local community, and around the world. There is a continued need for volunteers in critical roles, and we encourage you to join hands with us as we further God's agenda as the hands and feet of Jesus on earth. Please take a step further and fill out the form below, and someone will be in contact with you soon.

CPI Volunteer Opportunities

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CPI hosts many local and international events. If we are hosting an event in your city, we need your help to ensure that all events are a success. As part of this team, you can serve God by assisting with security, hospitality, event planning, floor management, set up & take down, ushering, information desk, etc. Click the sign-up button at the bottom of this page. (Check the events page to find out if/when we are hosting an event in your city.)

Collecting Donations


Are you looking to help CPI Ministries raise urgently needed funds? If so, then this is the best position for you. You'll be equipped to be a successful fundraiser even if you've never raised funds before. You can use your community connections and passion for spreading the love of Christ to help raise funds for all outreach efforts, crusades & conferences, world missions, and many other special events. Our aim is to make all our events free of charge so we need your help to raise funds.

Image by Rosie Sun


Do you have a strong desire to spread the word of God and change the world? Are you interested in reaching out to the lost and bringing them to Christ? 

If this is you then our outreach team is the best suit for you. Our main objective is to reach out to different communities to spread the undiluted word of God and to spread love.

Follow us on all other social medical platforms to stay in touch. 

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As part of the intercessory team, you will be there to stand in the gap in fervent prayer for people who need prayers, and also for the great work that God has trusted us with. It’s a simple yet very vital role. Join hands with us and let's pray.  

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The media team plays a very important role before, during, and after all our events/services. The team’s mission is to serve God by providing media-and-sound-related services during CPI Ministries events. These events include and are not limited to conferences, crusades, fundraising events, symposiums, outreaches, etc. The roles include videographers, photographers, sound engineers, screen operators, video editors, flyers, etc. 

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Our objective as the CPI Music Ministry is to lead in Praises and Worship through our music ministry, for the glory of God. If you can play an instrument or sing, please click the sign-up button at the bottom of this page and we will be in touch. 

Image by Kristina Paparo

Hospitality & Security

At CPI, we need your hospitality services to ensure that everyone feels welcome, safe, secure, protected, and have their concerns attended to with a high level of excellence and diligence, for the Glory of God. Your service will be greatly appreciated. 

Children and Teacher in Kindergarten

Children's Ministry

Do you have a passion for ministering and attending to children? if so then this is the right position for you. We are looking for God-fearing, children loving, dedicated individual to assist with the children's ministry. 

Woman on Her Computer

Did you know that you can volunteer from wherever you are? We acknowledge that sometimes it may be impossible to volunteer in person due to many reasons. Therefore, we have some positions that enable you to use your skills to serve God and be a part of what he is doing through CPI Ministries, remotely. Sign-up today!

Virtual Volunteer

African Children


Do you have a passion for missions work? At B.B Missions, our goal is to simply reach out to those in need and increase their quality of life. All our projects are designed to bring short-term and long-term relief interventions. Our ongoing projects in Canada, Uganda, and Zimbabwe include V.I.B.A, Skills Training, urgent care, etc. We need your help to be the hands and feet of Jesus and bring hope to the hopeless and help to the helpless. 

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Would you like to serve in the women's ministry? Our main goal is to inspire and encourage women to love God, love themselves, and love each other. As a volunteer for W.E. Ignite, you will help us achieve this goal through facilitating events, leading a bible study group, events, and more! Whatever your skills and talents are, we are happy to join hands with you.

You didn't find what you were looking for? don't worry!

 We have many other volunteer opportunities not listed. If administration, driving, accounting, decor, video editing, marketing, writing, childcare, and MORE are your areas of interest or expertise, please sign-up and indicate the intended area of service(s) in the form. Together, we are serving God as the hands and feet of Jesus Christ on Earth. 

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