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Devote Woman





W.E.Ignite is a Christian based organization and ministry that caters to women of all walks of life. Our main goal is to inspire and encourage women to Love God, love themselves and Love each other. We believe that it is our duty as women to empower one another and not compete with each other. Yes, you are your sisters' keeper.

We also incorporate the Titus 2;3 model of mentorship where older women teach younger women 'what is good'


It is no secret that  A healthy home produces a strong family which in turn produces a strong church and a strong nation. The strength of any nation lies in the strength of the family unit. If women are the cornerstone of any family then they are the bedrock of any nation.  

Women are the glue that keeps the family unit intact. They are able to set the tone of their household, hence the saying 'a happy wife equals a happy life.'  In other words, women are well-known agents of peace and stability on both micro and macro levels.

Women are also catalysts of change, when you want to empower a nation you educate a woman because she will teach it to her children.


W.E.Ignite facilitates conferences, workshops, and classes that serve the purpose of sharing Gods heart for us women at all levels and seasons of life. In addition to this, we host revival and prayer services once every three months. To find out when the next one is please click here

Expect to:

  • Have an encounter with Jesus, know him relationally, intimately and experientially

  • Connect and network with other like-minded women

  • Expand the boundaries and vision of your positive influence.

  • Discover or rediscover your purpose as a woman, mother, friend, sister.

  • Discuss issues affecting Christian women in today's world

  • Be part of a sisterhood that loves and uplifts others

  • Have fun whilst you are at it


We invite you to connect with us through our various programs so that you may be refreshed to refresh others. Come as you are and you will leave ignited and inspired to live your best life.



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