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Family with Tablet

Christs Powerhouse International Ministries

B.M.F. - Beautify My Family

Beautify My Family is a focus on making the family unit whole before God. With the beginning of times it is so clear that a family's unity is one of the keys of creating the foundation to accomplish God's ultimate Design for you. 

Girl Going to Church

Women Ignite

Our main goal is to inspire and encourage women to Love God, love themselves and Love each other.

Chuch Choir


Once a month we come together as young adults to enjoy a time of fellowship and worship.

Praying In a Church

Men Ignite

We focus on God’s purpose for us and seeking out our place in this big puzzle of life. Let’s help each other discover who we are.

Children Reading the Holy Bible

CPI Kids

We desire to see the true word of God made manifest in our children's life. 

Bible Lesson

Young Adults

Our children today are the custodians of the future. As a result, imparting the necessary scriptural building blocks that will forever guide them is crucial.

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Bible Study

Our Bible Study groups are committed to nurturing a spiritual environment where everyone can connect, grow and deepen their relationship with God. 

We Can Pray For You

God's desire is to meet every one of your needs and have you experience his promise. Whatever you are worried, afraid or concerned about and need someone to stand in prayer with you, we are here for you!

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