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Happy Mother's Day



"A mother understands what a child does not say."
                                           Jewish Proverb

God created mothers to fill a very special role that is very fulfilling and yet very challenging. The mothers of our nation shape our societies and develop its character which in turn determines its destiny. There is no other profession as that of 'mothership' that possesses that much influence and power to shape the character of a nation.

There are biological mothers, foster mothers, adoptive mothers, stepmothers and mothers in law. Every mother should aspire to preserve the Godly and biblical teachings so that our children can be armed with the truth of Gods transformative word. In turn, when the next generation requires of it, our children will arise and say 'here it is' our mothers taught us well. 

At W.E Ignite we have different types of workshops, prayer groups and conferences all year round that cater specifically to all types of mothers. 

To join the BMF Moms please fill out the form below. Check our Events page to see what's happening.

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