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Happy new year to our beloved and resilient church family.

We're thankful for all the Lord did for us in 2023, both individually and collectively. As we embrace this new chapter, let's take a moment to celebrate the victories that have brought us to this point. Our gratitude extends to Jesus, whose strength has enabled us to stand firm through all the battles and challenges we faced while finding our footing. Remember, growth often comes with challenges, and by his grace, you've weathered every storm. Everytime we think of you, we are reminded of the church in Thessalonica, who remained steadfast in faith, hope and love as they persevered through persecution and trials because the spirit of God was with them. 

Following earnest prayers about our church family's future, we sense that this year holds the promise of greater things.  Yes, God is calling us to GREATER THINGS. (John 14:12)

What are our expectations as we look to God in 2024?

  • Hope renewed - We believe God will renew your hope as he works in and through you to do greater things in all aspects of your life. As God increases your borders and widens your horizon, may preparation meet sufficient grace as you rise to greater heights.

  • Outreach and Evangelism - We are trusting that the Lord will cultivate a heart in each of us that desires to reach out to people in our families, neighborhoods and the nations at large who do not know Jesus yet. Soul winning is a big part of this year and beyond.

  • Community impact - We believe God will empower us to be the light of this world as we serve and positively impact our local and overseas communities through our Missions arm, Burden bearers World Missions.

In order to align with that calling, here are a few steps the leading of the Lord urges us to bear in mind:

Pray in the spirit - Romans 8 vs 26-27, 1st Thessalonians 5 vs 16-18

Wholeheartedly seek the Lord and engage in continuous prayer in the spirit. In 2023, we learned that prayer, proven sincere, faithful, and driven by genuine motives, grants us access to God's throne through Christ Jesus. I encourage you to pray in the Holy Spirit, who will unveil the will and counsel of the Lord. Understanding the Lord's will is crucial, as only His will prevails. Join hands with God through prayer and be a partner in His divine plan.

Grow in intimacy with Jesus - 1 Corinthians 2:14

Deepen your connection with the Lord to better understand His perfect plan for you. As you develop this closeness, you'll discover that relying solely on your own instincts isn't wise because our human senses can't fully grasp spiritual insights. Trust in the Lord's guidance as you grow in Him through continual prayer, careful study and application of his word.

Be diligent in your work

Our God is excellent, and I encourage you to reflect that excellence as you grow in His likeness. The spirit of excellence is upon you. Remember, God has equipped you for each stage of your purpose. Work diligently, give your best, and leave no task unfinished. Live a life that honors Jesus by being diligent in the work He has assigned to you.

God will prune you -John 15:2

As you progress in your relationship with the Lord, He will timely remove people and habits incompatible with your journey. God eliminates obstacles hindering your progress, breaking stagnation, and steering you away from paths that are not aligned with His perfect plan. Though pruning may bring discomfort and pain, it's essential for growth. Instead of fleeing in those seasons, pray for strength and courage. His grace will be more than enough.

Whats next

  • We will resume church on January 7, 2023. (We miss you terribly) Click here

  • Fasting and Prayer Month - January 8-31, 2024. Please find more about that here

  • ‘Hope Renewed’ Crusade Tour- click here

  • 2024 Calendar - Please find it here

From our hearts to yours

 In 2024,  we pray that our labor and continued sacrifice is not in vain, but may all we do bear fruit that is pleasing to the Lord. Our desire and prayer for you is that  you will grow from faith to faith and strength to strength so that you will not faint on the day of adversity. As your soul prospers, may you also prosper in health, wealth and lack no good thing. This year, you can do ALL things through Christ who gives you strength. It will all happen not because of your might nor your power..but by HIS spirit says the Lord.

May our roots grow deeper and our bonds grow stronger. Cheers to a year of GREATER THINGS.

Yours in Christ

Your Leaders

Langton and Dzidzai

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