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Join us at one of our inspiring conventions scheduled for 2024, where the spirit of revival meets the power of renewed hope. Immerse yourself in a gathering that transcends the ordinary, as we come together to rediscover the strength of our faith and the boundless hope that lies within. From soul-stirring worship to transformative messages, every moment is crafted to uplift and rejuvenate.

2024 - Schedule

Praise and Hands Raised

Brantford ON

2nd & 3rd of March 2024

Brantford Revival: A Christian gathering of worship, inspiration, and community. Join us for a heart-renewing experience and leave uplifted in faith!

Image by Sergey Pesterev


August 2024

Embrace Kenya's Revival: Join us for worship, inspiration, and community unity. Experience a soul-renewing journey, leaving with a heart lifted in hope

Image by Random Institute



Jubilate in Uganda's Revival Gathering! Engage in a spiritual celebration with worship, uplifting messages, and a fellowship of faith.

London City

London ON

October 2024

London, Ontario Awakening: Join us for a celebration of worship, inspiration, and community connection. Rediscover hope and leave with a rejuvenated heart!

Image by Scott Webb

Kitchener ON

June 2024

Kitchener Revival: Unite in worship, inspiration, and community. Renew your spirit and depart with revived or newfound hope.


Missions Work

January - December 2024

Our goal is to simply reach out to those in need and increase their quality of life. 

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