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Day 5 - Understanding of seasons and times

Every season in life has a purpose and a specific timing.

 Every season in life has a purpose and a specific timing. For those who love the Lord, the understanding is that all things and seasons are working out for our perfect good. Every season carries the assignment to shape us into the likeness of Jesus Christ. As God ushers us into a season of greater things, it's essential to perceive this promise from His perspective, looking beyond surface-level achievements. This promise invites us to experience God more intimately, as we experience greater provision, love, mercy, grace, and protection. As a result, we are expected to respond to God's love with  greater  faith, and commitment.

An example from the Israelites' journey illustrates this concept where we see God invite them to a season of greater things which is preluded by thirst and panic. However, their cry to the Lord results in a supernatural transformation where he turns the bitter water and makes it sweet thereby bringing them closer to Him. His intention was to allow them to know him intimately through the dimension of supernatural provision while deepening their faith. In the end, they realized that they were serving a God who is able to provide beyond the natural means and they recognized Him as Jehovah Jireh.

In like manner, sometimes God will schedule seasons of growth that are preluded by the threat of danger but if you will allow the Leasing of the Noly spirit to show you what you should do, you will come out of that season victorious with increased faith in God. This could involve undergoing seasons of purification, like spiritual surgery in the furnace of affliction, leading to character and faith as pure as gold. Or, God might expose you to seasons of abundance so you may understand His divine provision not just for yourself but for others as well. er to Christ. However, let it be known that for as long as you love the Lord, Every season comes to sharpen you and lead you closer to Christ. (Romans 8:28) This reveals that we are a continuous work in progress, being prepared and transformed into his image by our Loving father through  various circumstances and seasons prepared for us by the Lord.

In all these things, let us ask God to reveal to us the purpose of each season so you may know what to do. The Bible says that the sons of Isaacar were wise in that they understood the times and what to do. Asking God for clarity and understanding what you ought to do in every season will help you to become fruitful. Refuse to waste any opportunity provided by the Lord to grow you.

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